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A common definition used to describe a gang is: a group of three or more individuals who engage in criminal activity and identify themselves with a common name or sign (definition taken from the following website:  www.ncjrs.gov - National Criminal Justice Reference Service).

Whether you define gangs using these definitions, or one of the many similar definitions available, it is agreed upon that gangs are a dangerous part of our community, which affects all aspects of our lives. 

Graffiti from a gang damages property, increases insurance premium rates, and brings down property values.  Drive-by shootings endanger innocent citizens, and wearing the “wrong” color can put you or your children at risk for harassment, intimidation or even of being assaulted.

Canby is not immune to the problems of gangs.  Gangs have been in Canby since the early 1990’s and the Canby Police Department has dedicated specific resources to focus on gang related crimes and activities since 2004. 

In 2010, the department joined an inter-agency gang task force made up of local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and other agencies who combined their criminal intelligence and resources to combat gang violence in the South Metro region. Currently the Canby Police Investigations Unit handles gang crimes.

What can we, as a community, do to lessen or eliminate the impact of gangs in our area? 

The solution is a community effort, which includes members from Law Enforcement, Parole and Probation, Community Groups, Schools, and Parents. Of these groups, parents, or other significant adults in a child’s life, play a key role in preventing children from joining gangs.  Click here for more information.


Research has shown that the most important influence in a child’s life is the child’s parent, or other significant adult figure (from an article at www.helpingamericasyouth.gov – Facts about America’s Youth.).  The resources below contain valuable information to help you recognize some of the signs of gang activity, along with suggestions on how to keep kids safe. 

National Gang Center www.nationalgangcenter.gov   
Find Youth Info www.helpingamericasyouth.gov
Gang Resistance Education and Training www.great-online.org 
Delinquency Prevention www.ojjdp.gov
Gangs Or Us www.gangsorus.com  
Parents' Guide to Gangs PDF Document
Parents' Guide to Gangs (En Espanol) PDF Document

To Report Graffiti or Gang Activity:

Dial 911 or, if not an emergency, call Non-Emergency Dispatch at (503) 655-8211.
To contact a member of the Investigations Unit:

Detective Sergeant Tim Green 503-266-0716  
Detective James Murphy 503-266-0714

Canby Police • 1175 NW 3rd Ave. • Canby, OR 97013
Emergency Dial 911 • Non-Emergency Dispatch 503-655-8211 • Business Phone: (503) 266-1104

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