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Citizen Ride-along Program

The Citizen Ride-along Program is offered to residents, students, and businesses of the City of Canby.

The Canby Police Department offers the ride-along program to allow citizens an opportunity to observe the variety of duties law-enforcement officers perform.

Observers are encouraged to ask their host police officer questions related to law-enforcement, community interaction, and what skills are required to successfully gain employment in law-enforcement related careers.

The Ride-Along Program is available on most days of the week and times but subject to scheduling demands and availability.  Interested persons must fill out a Ride-Along Request Form and Waiver, available at the Canby Police Department during daytime business hours (Mon.-Fri.) at Canby Police Department Records Unit, or by clicking here.

Once the form has been completed and returned, the scheduling supervisor will forward the request to an assigned patrol officer and make citizen contact.

Every attempt will be made to accommodate those interested in the ride-along experience, however relevant safety concerns may disqualify applicants. Factors that may be considered in disqualifying an applicant include: under 15 years of age; prior criminal history; pending criminal action; pending lawsuit against the department; denial by any supervisor.

All applicants are subject to a criminal history check and DMV records check prior to an approval of the ride-along request. Appropriate attire should be worn and all civilian observer participants must follow all directions given by the host police officer. The observer must not interfere with the performance of the officer’s duties.

For additional information about the program, contact the Records Unit:

Business Office Phone: (503) 266-1104
E-mail: PDRecords@canbypolice.com
Address: 1175 NW 3rd Ave. 
Canby OR  97013

Canby Police • 1175 NW 3rd Ave. • Canby, OR 97013
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