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Prescription Drug Disposal

Dispose of unused, expired or unwanted prescription drugs by simply dropping the drugs in the marked white drop off box located in the entranceway of the Canby Police Department – 1175 NW 3rd Ave.

Access to the drop box is convenient for customers: 24/7.

What's Accepted:

Leave all medications in their original containers if possible. Peel labels off or black out personal information.
  • Expired prescription medication
  • Drugs that are no longer used
  • Medicine from deceased family members
  • Pet medications
  • Unknown tablets and capsules

Not Accepted: 

  • Thermometers 
  • Needles
  • Epinephrine auto injectors (EpiPens)
  • Liquids or medical waste of any kind
  • Medications cannot be accepted from businesses such as nursing homes,
    medical offices or any other institution or business

Throwing sharps in the trash is illegal

You cannot dispose of syringes and other medical sharps in the garbage because it’s illegal in Oregon. The law also requires that medical sharps be disposed of in approved sharps containers, available at many local pharmacies, medical supply stores and Metro's hazardous waste facilities.

For more information on disposing of items we cannot accept in the drop off and hazardous waste generally: www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-living/healthy-home/common-hazardous-products/medical-waste-or-sharps

Resources & Links

Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies - (www.oracwa.org)
Partnership for a Drug-Free America - (www.drugfree.org)
U.S. Department of Justice - (http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drug_disposal/takeback/index.html)

Canby Police • 1175 NW 3rd Ave. • Canby, OR 97013
Emergency Dial 911 • Non-Emergency Dispatch 503-655-8211 • Business Phone: (503) 266-1104

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