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Parent Aid Program

Do you suspect that your son or daughter is using drugs?

Parent Aid is a simple and confidential urinalysis drug-testing program that will help parents identify drug abuse problems in their children.

In drug abuse situations, time can mean the difference between broken lives and new hope. The average parent of a drug-abusing child discovers the drug abuse two years after the child’s first encounter.  The goal of Parent Aid is to help parents identify drug abuse behavior in their children before destroyed relationships, school failure, or jail time results.  

When a potential drug abuse problem is identified, parents are directed to resources to address the problem. The referral begins with the family physician and can include a number of local community resources and programs designed to help young people struggling with dependency or an addiction to drugs. 

What are the values/rules of the program?

  1. The program is voluntary and no juvenile will be forced to participate.  A voluntary consent form must be signed by both the parent and the juvenile prior to the interview and drug testing process.

  2. A youth tested under the Parent Aid program must be living at home with a parent or guardian and must be 18 years of age or younger.

  3. Any information gathered during the testing process must be kept confidential.  This information cannot be used in any criminal action against the donor or family unit.

  4. There will be no record keeping at the Parent Aid site.  All information regarding specific names and test results are to be destroyed.

  5. The program is offered to the community at no charge.

  6. Parent Aid drug testing is conducted by a trained law enforcement professional at the Canby Police Department.
For more information click on the Parent Aid Brochure

Contact Information:

Kari Inness, Evidence Technician
(503) 266-0761 or e-mail:  innessk@canbypolice.com

1175 NW 3rd Avenue     
Canby, OR   97013

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