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Reporting a Crime or Incident

Q. Who do I call to report a non-emergency crime and to file a report?
A. If the incident occurred in Canby you have several options. The most convenient method is to call our non-emergency number, 503-655-8211 and press 6 to reach a call taker at the Clackamas County Communications Center (C-COM). They will take your initial information, such as where the crime occurred, who was involved, name, address, telephone number and dispatch an officer to your business, home or other location.

You can also file a report by coming to the front lobby of the Canby Police Department at 1175 NW 3rd Avenue. The lobby is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5pm. After hours and on weekends, you may use the call box at the front of the building to dispatch an officer to the facility to assist you.  
Q. Who do I call to speak to an officer, or make other requests that don’t involve reporting a crime?
A. If you wish to leave a message for a specific Canby Police Department officer, call the business office at 503-266-1104 and the phone tree will guide you through reaching an officer through the system. If you stay on the line, the Records Unit staff will transfer you to the officer's voice mail or the appropriate individual to handle your call.
Q. What if I have a question about the status of my case?
A. Cases involving criminal acts which appear to have some basis of solvability are referred to the Investigations Unit for further investigation. To inquire about your case, see the Investigations Unit page or call Police Records at 503-266-1104. If you know the Detective assigned to your case, you may call or e-mail him or her directly.
Q. How do I file a DMV traffic accident report?
A. Traffic accident victims should remember to exchange vehicle and insurance information with all parties involved at the scene of the accident. Forms are available on-line. Use this site to find out what to do if the other driver is uninsured or how to obtain a DMV insurance history.
Q. If I have stolen property that has been recovered, or lost property that has been found, who do I contact to obtain my property?
A. See the Property & Evidence Unit page for information, or call the Evidence Technician at 503-266-0761.

Public Records

Q. How do I get a copy of a police report?
A. See the Records Unit page for forms, fees and information.
Q. How do I get a copy of a 911 tape?
A. Contact the Clackamas County Communications Center (C-COM) at 503-655-8250 or visit their website to fill out the request online.
Q. How do I request a background check for myself or another person?
A. The Canby Police Department can provide a name check inquiry for local (Canby only) arrests and citations. Complete the Public Records Request form and sent to the Records Unit. For a complete State Criminal History check, contact the Oregon State Police.
Q. Where do I find my case number?
A. If a patrol officer responded, your case number will be on the back of the officer's business card. If your car was towed, it will be on the tow form, and if property was taken for safekeeping or evidence, it will be on the property receipt you are issued. You can receive your case number by calling the Records Division at 503-266-1104. You will need to have basic information to assist in obtaining the case number such as: name, address, date of crime, and type of crime.
Q. Where can I obtain information on registered sex offenders?
A. Sex Offender information is maintained and available through the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Unit.
Q. If the police department has impounded my vehicle, what do I need to do to get it out of impound?
A. See the Records Unit page for complete information or call Police Records at 503-266-1104.

Neighborhood Livability Concerns

Q. People keep speeding up and down my street. What can I do?
A. You are encouraged to report the activity to the Traffic Unit. You can also put in a request for a Radar Trailer to be parked on your street. See the Traffic Unit page for contact information or call Police Records at 503-266-1104 to be referred to the Traffic Officer. 
Q. Where do I find information on City Ordinances?
A. City Ordinances cover many topics such as Noise, Abandoned Vehicles, Graffiti, Animals, Nuisances, and Business Licenses. See the Municipal Code on the City’s Website for this information. 
Q. Where do I report an abandoned vehicle or an illegally parked vehicle?
A. Call the non-emergency dispatch number at 503-655-8211 to contact a police officer 24/7. You can also call the Code Enforcement Officer during business office hours at 503-266-0797, however, calling dispatch is always the most efficient way of advising the department of the issue. 
Q. Why were there so many police cars in my neighborhood or on my block this morning/last night?
A. Daily information about what is happening in your neighborhood can be viewed on a third party website, It lists calls for service by the Canby Police Department by location with a brief description of the type of call.

Victim Resources

Q. I want to apply for a Restraining Order. Can I do this at the Canby Police Department?
A. No, you must call Clackamas County Victim’s Assistance 503-655-8616 or the Clackamas Women’s Services 888-654-2288. You can visit the Clackamas County-End Domestic Violence for complete information. 
Q. How do I find out if someone is in jail?
A. You will need to call the Clackamas County Jail at 503-722-6777 or visit the Clackamas County Jail Inmate Roster page to query by name.

Community Services & Resources

Q. I need to get my fingerprints taken. Will the police department do this?
A. The Canby Police Department is no longer offering fingerprinting services. See the Fingerprint Services page for more information.
Q. How to I request a ride along with the Canby Police Department?
A. You will need to complete a Ride-Along form and submit to the Department. See the Ride-Along Program page.
Q. Do you provide tours of the Canby Police Department?
A. Yes, complete the Tour/Presentation Request form and send to the department to schedule your tour.  
Q. Where do I go to pay my traffic citation?
A. Traffic citations are processed through the City of Canby Municipal Court which is located inside the Police facility at 1175 NW 3rd Avenue, Canby OR  97013. For questions about traffic citations or the court process, check the Municipal Court page or call 503-266-4027.

Traffic Laws & Vehicle / Bike Issues

Q. Where do I find the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) laws?
A. For more information on state laws for motor vehicles, call 503-299-9999 or visit the Oregon DMV website.
Q. Who do I call for current road conditions? When do I need to remove my studded tires?
A. For information on studded tires, chain requirements and current road conditions, call 5-1-1 or visit the Traction Tires Section of the TripCheck website.
Q. What are the child safety seat laws?
A. For information on child weights, heights and how to properly install child safety seats, call the Safety Seat Resource Center at 503-643-5620 or visit the Child Safety Seat Resource Center website.
Q. Where do I find information on bicycle laws?
A. To find information about bicycle law and requirements, see Canby Municipal Code 12.40 Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters and Rollerblades
Q. What are the laws regarding the use of helmets?
A. To find information on helmet laws and the use of helmets, call 503-299-9999 or download the Motorcycle & Moped Driver Manual.

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