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The Canby Police have two dedicated working K9’s on the police roster. Deorak, a 9 year old Belgian Malinois, is the senior patrol K9 and works with Sergeant Scott Farmer. The Belgian Malinois (pronounced MAL-in-wah) is a medium sized Belgian shepherd dog that at first glance resembles a German Shepherd Dog.

Deorak is trained in obedience, handler protection, searching for evidence, and apprehension of criminal offenders. Sergeant Farmer and Deorak have been partners since 2009 and currently work the streets.

K9 Puck is the newest member to the Canby Police Department K9 Unit. Puck is a 2 year old black Lab partnered with Officer Chris Scharmota. K9 Puck is a detection K9, trained to detect the odors of Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Heroin. Puck and Officer Scharmota have been working together since August, 2017.

Working dogs, as their name indicates, refers to canines specially trained to use their bravery, talents or senses to help make life easier on their handlers, or human partners.

Police dogs, or K9s, are specifically used in law enforcement for their acute sense of smell, courage, work-ethic and other attributes, making them an indispensable asset to any crime fighting organization. K9s are specifically trained to follow the human scent, detect illicit drugs, and because of their superior snouts, are able to aid officers in the process of making arrests and/or investigating crime scenes.

The bond between K9s and their handlers aren’t formed overnight; plenty of quality time is spent building their relationship. This is developed through 5 -10 weeks of training for the handler and the K9, along with spending time off duty at home. This includes introducing the K9 to family members and a new home with different expectations.

The Canby Police K9’s work the streets 4 days or more each week. In addition to their patrol schedules, our K9’s and their handlers spend a minimum of 4 hours a week training, which adds up to 16 hours every month.

In addition to their work on the streets, the Canby Police K9 unit gives presentations and demonstrations to community groups, schools or other organizations. One or both of our K9 teams will come and show your group how Puck helps locate narcotics or how Deorak can help apprehend a criminal! Please contact Sgt. Scott Farmer or Officer Chris Scharmota to schedule a presentation.

Being a K9 handler is extremely challenging but also very rewarding. If you get a chance to see K9 Deorak and K9 Puck on the road you will know they are on duty to keep the community safe.

Donate to the Patrol K9 Program

Deorak is reaching his retirement age and is expected to be protecting the citizens of Canby for about another year. After Deorak retires, the Canby Police K9 unit will look to replace him with a new Patrol Dog. The Canby Police Department K9 Unit accepts donations to assist with the purchase of a new Patrol K9 and a K9 account has been established for donations.

To schedule a presentation, or make a donation for purchase of a Patrol K9:

Sgt. Scott Farmer   farmers@canbypolice.com   503-266-0750
Officer Chris Scharmota   scharmotac@canbypolice.com   503-263-5179

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