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Investigations Unit

The Investigations Unit of the Canby Police Department conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations with a high level of leadership, professionalism, effectiveness, organization, and customer service.

The members of this unit are dedicated, experienced, and highly-trained professionals with specific investigative skills in the areas of homicide, arson, child abuse, fraud and internet based crimes, robbery, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  Detectives work hand-in-hand with the Patrol Unit to identify and apprehend criminal offenders. 

The Investigations Unit is led by a Detective Sergeant, with three Detectives and the Evidence Technician assigned to:

Persons Investigations - Homicide, robbery, sex crimes, assaults and missing persons cases. 

Property Investigations - Burglary, theft, auto theft, identity theft, fraud, illegal drug crimes (possession, sale, manufacture) and arson. 

Narcotics Investigations - Elimination of dangerous drugs and narcotics by obtaining information leading to search warrants, or by purchasing drugs directly from dealers or through informants. This is important because illegal narcotics use and sales are directly linked to crimes of identity theft and fraudulent use of computers.

Computer Forensics – Computer-related crimes, forensic examination of various types of digital evidence such as hard drives and cell phones.

Gang Investigations – Gang related criminal cases, and maintenance of data on activity and active gangs and gang members.

Property and Evidence - Collection storage and preparation of evidence for court, forensic examination of items and, maintenance and integrity of evidence for successful court prosecution. 

As highly visible members of this department, our investigators work with many other public safety agencies and community members on the most serious and high profile crimes as members of the regional Clackamas County Major Crimes Team and both the Vulnerable Adults and Child Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

Detectives also focus on the investigation of crimes involving gangs and on the successful apprehension and prosecution of gang members. Gang crimes and activities can include everything from graffiti, vandalism and auto theft to assaults, stabbings, drive-by shootings, drug arrests, and homicides. Gang awareness presentations for various community organizations such as schools, churches, parent/teacher groups, property management associations are held. Click here for information about gangs including prevention measures for parents and resources.

The Investigations Unit is supported by the Property and Evidence Technician who is trained in the collection, preservation and presentation of all types of evidence and scientific data to assist investigators in the processing of crime scenes.

We value feedback from the community and welcome contact from our citizens. If you have a question or concern, or wish to provide information about a current or older case assigned to the Investigations Unit, please contact:

Mike Smith Detective Sergeant 503-266-0719
Stephanie Anderson Detective 503-266-0727
Kyle Krupicka Detective 503-266-0713
Nate Wallbaum Detective 503-266-0714
Kari Inness Evidence Technician 503-266-0761

Canby Police • 1175 NW 3rd Ave. • Canby, OR 97013
Emergency Dial 911 • Non-Emergency Dispatch 503-655-8211 • Business Phone: (503) 266-1104

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