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Message from the Chief
The tragic events that took place in Dallas, Texas on July 7, 2016, will have a deep and lasting impact on law enforcement professionals as well as our nation’s citizens. This incident sparked additional attacks against police officers in other cities in our nation. Five police officers were killed and seven were wounded. Without question, this was the act of an individual who clearly committed a hate crime.

Despite this, like most of our nation’s law enforcement professionals, we continue to work with the attitude and determination to serve and protect our community. It is our desire to uphold the values of our agency (Integrity - Respect - Service).

In times of tragedy, as was the unfortunate and needless death and wounding of the Dallas Police Officers, we get the opportunity to consider what is truly meaningful and what is of lasting value. I am thankfully reminded that we are not alone and many of you understand the meaning and significance of the work we do and the ultimate sacrifice of laying one’s life down while serving one’s community, as those police officers willingly did.

I have included for your reading just a few of the words of encouragement and support from our community members:

“Not just today or because of recent events across our nation; but, every day we thank you for your service, our protection and dedication to your profession. Our congregation prayed for you today on our knees we asked that God protect you and bless you”

“May you end each shift in good health, with the feeling of a job well done and knowing the community supports you”

“We want you to know how much we appreciate your sacrifice and service. Thank you for all you do”

“We want to thank you for your service and dedication to keeping us safe. Each and every sworn member is valued. We are proud to have a positive presence from our community. Please be safe and aware. All of our appreciation”

“To all the awesome policemen out there!!! Thank you for all you do to keep the city safe! Hope you know how much you all are appreciated!!!”

“Thank you so much for all of your service and protection of us and our great community”

“We appreciate you so much – our hearts are with you – be safe!!”

Thank you for reminding and reinforcing the belief that the vast majority of people do appreciate what we do. I want to extend my appreciation for the many who have communicated their support not just to us but to the many police officers in our nation who choose to serve their communities. Thank all of you for thinking of us and praying for the police officers who serve their communities in an honorable and just way.

The support you have shown helps to promote and inspire in each of us a confidence and spirit of purpose to perform the mission at hand. Thank you for the many encouraging cards and emails, flowers and tokens of support. When I reflect on the idea that strong community support also makes us stronger, I can’t but think we are more united in our determination to police justly. I am deeply thankful to our community for the partnership you have shown us. It creates a united community and not a community that is divided.



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